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Equestrian Centre Image Gallery
View some of our beautiful horses and excellent facilities
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P. 1

P. 2

Taffy Loves his Stable




Ernie and Oscar again! Not camera shy at all

Chloe looking very confused


Albert, Mr Bo Jangles, Minty & Basil

Phoenix, the golden child!

Gabby, Levi and Kayla at Christmas

Saturday morning Pony Club team in December


Trail Riding near the dams

A view of the Arena/Stable complex

Mr Bo Jangles

Learning to clean our a horses hoof

Love Trot Poles!!



Dozer and Kym having some fun

Dimitti and Ernie on the trail rides

Group Photo

Dozer and Whisky

Taffy getting a good brush

Montanna doing what Montanna does best!

Whisky and Angelina

Had a great time playing Hide and Seek on horse back



Crossing the dam wall